Crystal Ear Cuff, Light Blue, Pink, Clear, Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black, Unique gifts for chemo patients 2014-2015

Chemo Patients Unique Gifts 2015 Handmade in USA by Earlums

Chemo Patients Unique Gifts 2015 Handmade in USA by Earlums

Give yourself or your loved ones, the gift of Passion and Uniquene

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for unique Ear Jewelry and more! Our ear cuff wraps are made with nickel, lead and cadmium free wire.  Since they don’t penetrate the body, there’s less concern about allergic reactions.

Decently priced, our website offers a big variety of uniquely made Pierceless Ear Jewelry. They will cheer up the chemo patients, girls/lady’s that need a little fun. Chemo Patients Unique Gifts 2015 Handmade in USA by Earlums. Order one today and see for yourself!


Chemo Patients,Unique gifts for chemo patients 2015, chemo gifts for her, cool gifts for chemo girl,Unique gifts for chemo patients 2014-2015I am in treatment for cancer and have lost all my hair, and am constantly being mistaken for a man, so I started wearing EarLums Ear cuff/wraps, to distinguish myself as female. So many people ask about the piece, and are always surprised to see that it is a single line with no piercings. They love the colors and the look. It is very comfortable, and I tell everyone where I found it. Thanks!

Unique gifts for chemo patients 2014-2015I got this for my daughter for Christmas because a lot of her friends have various piercings all over their ears and she doesn’t want all those piercings but she really likes it because it looks kind of like she has a lot of piercings. Very pretty and bendable to fit any ear.

Supporting a Friend Who Has Cancer

People tell us they have never seen this type of  ear jewelry and now that they found us they are getting hooked.

Our customers are amazing and we love the reviews, testimonials, emails, and the comments we get on our website, Amazon, Etsy, eBay Facebook.

Purchase with confidence our amazing, unique and original handmade jewelry.

Accessorize yourself with our products today, and enjoy the compliments!

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