Testimonials and Feedback


“Your lightweight keloid earrings shipped mega fast, were well packaged, with beautiful extras included.  They look magnificent on my 10 year old daughter who covers up her removed keloid using your products quite easily with no help from me!

We shall purchase again, because she will NEVER attempt to have the previously damaged ear re-pierced and she LOVES your earrings!  Thank you for your part in regaining her confidence, because she is proud to show both of her ears again!

Yaffa – August 18th 2019”









“Earlums give the ears a lovely noticeable form & appealing in appearance.

I have never seen such gorgeous earrings in my life. I have ordered several different styles and you never cease to amaze me. Handmade??? Hands from heaven they must be, because I wear my hair very short and cut close to my head, so my ears are primed for endowments and Earlums is it! Each time I order they arrive in good time, wrapped very well, and fully intact. you say they are not really for long wear, but honey I find they hold up super well! Every time I put them on my entire face and head is set in a very angelic kindda elegance you can’t find with any other kind of earrings. I have sent a pair off to family and have so many people stopping me on the streets to comment about the earrings. I’ve even had seniors comment about how they like them as well. Whaaaat!? I’m always telling people where I get them, and most have to write down the name because it’s all so new to them. I carry a little paper card in my wallet that came with a set I got not so long ago so those inquiring minds that wanna know can see “Earlums.” I think this will help them remember. Earlums give the ears a lovely noticeable form, and actually make the shape of the ears a highly appealing in appearance. Even if a person’s ears stuck off the sides of their face, Earlum ear cuffs would capture, and frame their face in an amazing way! It’s impossible not to have the ears for your product. it’s like beauty in a box just for your ears! No other earrings hug the ears with such ravishing charm, they stay on, and they don’t hurt AT ALL. You actually forget you are wearing them until you find someone focusing on the side of your head from only a few feet away. when I turn to face them it’s like they are trying to take it all in. it cracks me up ans o most times I just ask them if they wanna closer look. They always do! I always wear on both ears each time I wear them, never just one. The fact that your styles require no holes in the ears, one size seems to fit all, and they can be worn on either ear, or both, is just brilliance beyond this world! I just had to leave my review somewhere, because I didn’t find it in my email as of yet to do so. Super glad I can order fro you guys on Amazon! Your services is “superability” expressed through mail, and I appreciate your excellent service with customers you can’t EVEN SEE. You are by far the best thing happening when it comes to ear cuffs, and I give you countless gold stars. Thanks sooo much for being everything you advertise on, and more. sign your “too happy” customer! ”
Crystal H. – April 20th 2013

“I wanted to e-mail you and tell you thanks. Your customer service and products are great. The earrings have been great and exactly what I needed. I really appreciate it. I have an online business too and your customer service has made me go back to the drawing board lol. ”
Aaron W. – Oct.18th 2013

“Product is true to description. Seems like quality pieces. I have received many compliments on them. They are a good sturdy fit to my ear and give a sassiness to my overall look. I would order from them again!”
Devin, – May 13, 2013

“The products were exactly as described. The were packaged nicely and were shipped promptly. A pleasure doing business with this seller. ”
Mary D, – June 2, 2013

“I met the owner /manager of Earlums at IKEA in San Diego a few weeks ago while having lunch with my daughter and son-in-law. I commented her on her unique ear cuff. She told me about Earlums and gave me her card. When I returned to Virginia I ordered a few earcuffs. The service was awesome!”
Theresa Baber – Oct. 11th 2014

“Hi, I wanted to let you know how my experience went in dealing with your company. It was simply put, fabulous! First, my shipment went out the very same day I ordered and I had it in my hands 3 days later. When it did arrive I was so excited! The packaging was very professional”