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Ear Cuff Wrap JewelryNo piercings needed!  Add a little touch of flair to your outfit with our ear cuff wrap jewelry, uniquely made with with  a various mixture of  beads, crystals and stones.

All our ear cuff wrap jewelry is created entirely by hand, no soldering, no gluing, and no welding, uniquely made in USA by Earlums.
Our ear cuffs don’t require any ear piercing. Bilateral, could be worn on either ear. They wrap around the edge of the ear cartilage and rest just above the earlobe. Since they do not pierce or penetrate the body, there is less concern about allergic reactions. Ear cuff wrap jewelry by Earlums, should fit the average ear. To test the fit, try it on and pull it sideways. If the fit is poor, adjustment may be made by squeezing the gap closer, or widening it, slightly.. That is enough to change the fit. A good fit will not pinch, hurt or slip off easily. Please, keep in mind that every ear cuff wrap, will fit slightly differently and every ear anatomy is different. Some ear cuffs may be more comfortable than others. Most people are able to find a spot on their ears that is comfortable and easy to place! A nice  colorful or simple adornment worn on the rim of the ear, shaped so as to grip the rim gently instead of piercing or squeezing it.

Stylish ear jewelry for those women without pierced ears, although those with pierced ears can also wear this fabulous ear cuff wrap style.  We are selling our  ear cuff  wrap jewelry as singles.
If you would like a pair please, order 2.

Our customers are amazing and we love the reviews, testimonials, emails, and the comments we get on Facebook. People tell us they have never seen this type of  ear jewelry and now that they found us they are getting hooked. We work hard to offer new styles and change things up a bit every year.

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