Compression Earrings clip on earrings handmade in USA by Earlums

Compression Earrings


Compression Earrings, pressure earrings,clip on earrings, pierceless earrings keloids, handmade in USAHandmade compression earrings can be used for post operative surgery for Keloids (consult your doctor), or as a fashion statement. Created entirely by hand, no soldering, no gluing and no welding.

They are lightweight and comfortable and can work for a variety of earlobe shapes and sizes. Adjust the tightness of each earring by squeezing them hard, for optimal pressure and comfort. The wire bends enough that you can customize the part that wraps around your ear. Sturdy enough that you should not be concerned with it falling off. Made with soft anodized wire, light weight and comfortable.

Compression earrings are a cool piece of jewelry, at a reasonable price.

Great cute handmade earrings for everyday use.

No piercing is required.

Stylish ear jewelry for those women  and men without pierced ears.
Made to order with your choice of wire.

Keloids – Pressure earrings, massage and surgery, can help with treating earlobe keloids. Early medical attention and knowledge of the different options  are available to help treat the keloids.”

Made in USA by Earlums  The perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

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2 thoughts on “Compression Earrings clip on earrings handmade in USA by Earlums

  1. “I wanted to e-mail you and tell you thanks. Your customer service and products are great. The earrings have been great and exactly what I needed. I really appreciate it. I have an online business too and your customer service has made me go back to the drawing board lol. I have a visit with my plastic surgeon on Friday I will recommend your business to anyone looking for these types of compression earrings once again thank you.”

  2. These clip-on’s are really nice. I got one of each color and I can tell you that the black ones are my favorites.
    I would love it if you could make, more shape designs?

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