Wave Compression Pressure Clip-on Earrings

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Wave Square model

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Wave Compression Pressure Clip-on Earrings sold in pairs

Wave ModelThis  golden/silver set has bunch of circles/squares dangles, attached to the clipon.  Light weight this earring set has been designed to provide uniform pressure over the earlobes and at the same time add a little style and color to your ears without discomfort. Works for a variety of earlobe shapes and sizes. Adjust the tightness of each earring by squeezing them tightly for optimal pressure and comfort. The tighter the squeeze the better they’ll stay put.  The wire bends enough that you can customize the part that wraps around your ear lobe.  Sturdy enough that you should not be concerned with them falling off.

Made for even compression/pressure. Could be used for post operative keloids surgery (consult your doctor) or as a FASHION statement.

NOTE: The earrings have no pressure to them on their own. There is no soldering, no gluing, no screws, no welding or mechanisms to hold them on the ear. They will only put pressure on the ear lobes by pressing the spiral disc with your fingers really hard, for tightness.  The more pressure applied the better retention.
You can buy pressure earrings for keloids from a few companies online in many different styles and shapes. Try our Earlums  clip on earrings and you’ll see the difference. They are as unique as you are. Our compression/pressure clip on earrings are individually handcrafted with passion and uniqueness. Enjoy the fashion effect of real ear piercing without the pain or permanence of a real piercing.
Made in USA by Earlums
 The perfect gift for you or your loved ones.
Keloids – Pressure earrings, massage and surgery, can help with treating earlobe keloids.
 Early medical attention and knowledge of the different options  are available to help treat the keloids.” Recommended to consult with your dermatologist/doctor to see if our clip on earrings will work for you.
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Silver tone, Golden Square, Silver Square, Golden Round, Silver Round, Wavy Silver, Wavy Golden

1 review for Wave Compression Pressure Clip-on Earrings

  1. LisaJ

    I have been buying my keloid pressure clip earring from your company and the first
    thing I want say is THANK YOU!!! I love them.
    I love the regular keloid pressure clips for everyday wear but the hanging earrings
    looks so much better when I’m getting out on the town for the night.

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