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12mm Keloid Pressure Earrings “Aaron” Handmade Wire Wrapped

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12mm Keloid Pressure Earrings

12mm Keloid Pressure Earrings “Aaron” Clipon Compression Pressure Wire Wrapped Earrings Handmade in USA by Earlums sold as single, or in pairs

Handmade in USA by Earlums  with your choice of wire. For more color choices click here                                                                                  12mm Keloid Pressure Earrings "Aaron" Clipon Compression Pressure Wire Wrapped Earrings Handmade in USA by Earlums,Dark Compression Earrings, Compression Earrings, pressure earrings, keloids, handmade in USA

The wire used, bends enough that you can customize the part that wraps around your ear lobe. Sturdy enough that you should not be concerned with them breaking or falling off.
Original design, about 12mm (.048 inch) diameter on both sides.

Made for even compression/pressure and used as a FASHION STATEMENT. Could be used for post operative keloids surgery (please, consult your doctor). Cute and discreet, can be worn by males or females. Light weight and comfortable. Designed by Earlums to add a little style to your ears.

IMPORTANT NOTE for placement:
Please, make sure that your ears are free of lotions or greasy products.

Our clipon keloid pressure earrings, have no pressure to them, on their own.


Keeping them on the ear lobe can be difficult on some cases. You will be able to adjust the earring by unwinding the spirals to cover the front and back of your ear.

The flexibility of the precious wire (sterling or gold filled), is not as pliable and easy molding as the anodized aluminum wire we usually use to make our earrings.

Twist pressure the discs with your fingers to tighten them on the ear lobe.
There is no soldering, no gluing, no screws, no welding or mechanisms to hold them on the ear.

They will only put pressure on the ear lobes by twist/pressing the spiral discs with your fingers, for optimal tightness. The more twisting/pressure applied, the better retention.

Use paper clip principle/technique, to place them on your ears. Don’t worry,….. the wire is pretty sturdy and won’t break.

This type of  Keloid Pressure Earrings are great for everyday use.

Lightweight, comfortable and easy to adjust.

Made to order  for people with or without piercings. There is no soldering, no gluing, and no welding.

Enjoy the fashion effect of real ear piercing without the pain of a real piercing

It will make a special gift for you, or that special person in your life.
There is a new fashion trend, that will have this earrings classified as an awesome ouch-less  ear accessory.
Nice addition to your everyday look. Give it to your sister, mother, best friend or yourself.
Simple, unique and elegant look!
Made in USA by Earlums with domestic and imported wire.

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One Earring, One Pair


Silver Tone, Golden Tone, Black, Copper, Sterling Silver, Gold Filled

33 reviews for 12mm Keloid Pressure Earrings “Aaron” Handmade Wire Wrapped

  1. Jessica Tietjen

    “These earrings look really awesome! They are super comfortable to wear. They also came shipped very quickly. Very happy with my purchase! listed under PIERCELESS Clip-on Ear jewelry “Gauges,Plugs”
    Etsy Purchase

  2. Anna

    “came VERY quickly! 😀 this is my second pair and I’m very pleased! listed as: PIERCELESS Clip-on Ear jewelry “Gauges,Plugs”
    Etsy Purchase

  3. Janelle Bourgeois-Etsy/Earlums

    I got the compression earrings in copper. It came in a cute little box and very professionally packaged in a small plastic bag. To my surprise I even got a small free bonus gift with it! The earrings do not disappoint! They were exactly as I was expecting. Easy to put on and adjust, and you cannot even feel them. I needed compression earrings after a small surgery on my earlobe and these seem to do the trick. (They are also A LOT prettier than other pressure earrings)

  4. CMGatgens – Etsy/Earlums

    Very fast shipping. My daughter had injections for keloids and is using the earrings for the keloids. They seem to be working very well. My daughter’s ears look a lot better.

  5. amhatch05

    First of all, I am so happy to have found this website. I have a keloid scar in my inner upper left ear and one on the outside of the same ear. It is so hard to find any type of pressure earring for the upper ear, but I found it in this earring. My order came so fast and because of how it’s made, I was able to adjust the earring to cover the front scar and part of the back. I have gotten so many compliments on the earring. Most people think I am wearing it as a fashion statement, when I bought it for concealment purposes. However, it does look nice on my ear. I am ordering 3 more earrings, so I will always have one to wear. My hope it that my scarring does not get worse, but for now, you have offered me an attractive way to mask the scars. Thank you so much!

  6. rose ivery- Etsy/Earlums

    Love it.Would buy in different colors.

  7. Amazon Customer – Amazon’s Earlums

    Terrible will not stay on no matter how hard I squeezed on my ear I had surgery for a keyloid and it’s just not the right prodoct for the the cause. “Aaron Silver”

  8. Ana Y. Donate

    Beautiful. Thank you. “Aaron silver”

  9. Nikki S. – Amazon’s/Earlums Purchase

    I used to order my pressure clips from Delasco, but they no longer carry the ones I like. These take a little adjustment..but they work well. I have had a couple keloid excisions on both ears. My issue is that a small keloid developed and I need to keep pressure on it. I usually sleep with them overnight and I am pleased with the results. “Aaron Silver”

  10. Sugar58

    I just had keloid surgery on my ears. These are by far the most comfortable pressure earrings ever! I even sleep in them. They are really cute too. Shipping was fast and the seller even made them a little larger for me. Trust me these are the best pressure earrings. I just ordered 2 more pairs.

  11. Ben

    Five Stars
    By Ben on March 5, 2015
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    Easy to slid on and it applies necessary pressure after kiloid removal. I WISH THEY HAD MORE STYLES.

  12. Kaaguas on Etsy/

    I love this product. I have a keloid on the upper left cartilage portion of my ear, it has recently gotten larger and I’m in the process of getting injections. I was told about looking into pressure earrings and found Earlums by chance. This pressure earring is the perfect size and “masks” my keloid. My boyfriend said it looked like I was wearing jewelery for a new piercing. Definitely recommend this product, especially if you are self-conscious about your keloid.

  13. missboss97 on August 6, 2015

    I absolutely love these earrings they are so stylish and useful! I had keloids on the backs of my ears and after getting them surgically removed these are the only pressure earrings that actually work in preventing regrowth.. and look beautiful at the same time. Would definitely recommend!!!

  14. missboss97 on August 6, 2015

    I absolutely adore these earrings. They are gorgeous to wear and extremely useful. My post office screwed up with posting these which had nothing to do with this company. And after contacting earlums via etsy they did everything in their power they could to help. Such an amazingly trustworthy and helpful company that sells beautiful and high quality products thankyou earlums!!!!!

  15. Jennifer Edhomeriegue

    These pressure earrings are great! They’re big enough for the diameter of my keloid scar & allow you to adjust them to the right pressure/tightness. I do wish they were a bit sturdier as the previous pair I purchased broke from my tendency to over tighten. On the plus side – they’re durable enough to withstand my constant fussing for months. First pair lasted about a year before reordering.

  16. Olivia Mcvey

    I have to say how amazing your company is. I don’t normally send reviews or anything of the sort but I am completely blown away.
    I have recently had keloid removal surgery. I was so self-conscious about my keloids to the point where I went 5 almost 6 years without wearing my hair up. After the surgery they were showing me pictures of the compression earrings I would have to wear for at least a month. I was appalled at how (quite frankly) ugly and huge they were. I thought it would be even longer of having to hide my ear.
    I stumbled upon y’alls website and thought I’d give it a shot. Not only are they cute earrings but my package arrived early along with some free gift. I will never buy jewelry from another website again. Yall just made a lifetime customer.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  17. By BabaLouie on October 5, 2016

    These earrings worked perfectly well for my ear issue. They stay on very well and apply the right amount of pressure. They also look good which is an added bonus.

  18. Purity (verified owner)

    From here in Kenya, I am pleasantly surprised :). I just got my earrings today. I had ordered two pairs and with each came a free gift of ear cuff and an extra earring. I had ordered the earrings on 1st December and they got to me here in Nairobi in just 16 days :). straight to my front door. I did not expect it to take this short time. I did not have any issue with customs. And I was able to track the package on USPS. I will definitely purchase more. I thought it would take 6 weeks. It only took 2. WOW. And the earrings are so cute – I just got my first compliment from my neighbour. I’m all smiles.

  19. rahamil

    Had an awful keloid on my ear that needed to be surgically removed and my doctor said that I needed compression earrings for it. I could not find any! I stumbled across this shop and my doctor said that these are perfect. Arrived very quickly and looks great. People think they are just regular earrings but there actually covering my stitches.

  20. DB

    I’ve been ordering these for years for my daughter. She has bad keloids and can only wear these earrings. The only pair she had snapped in two. Love them though and thank you so much for making these. They are wonderful!

  21. Jonathan H.


    I recently made an order of 2 earring sets, and I love them! I wanted to leave a review and finaly find it where to do so. This is an ideal company because the products are handmade in the US. Thank you also for sending a free cartilage piece with each set of earrings!!!! I will make sure to tell my friends and family about your business and will be buying more items again soon! The coupon you sent with my order makes me want to buy more and more! Thanks again, I love your product and company motto!



  22. Destiny P.

    Destiny P.
    I recently bought a pair this week because I’m constantly losing them. Anyways, I was so scared you guys weren’t coming back after your July break. I have keloids on my ears that I am heavily self conscious about and I had lost one. Luckily I saw your sight was back up and purchased some. The new earrings fit around my ear and cover them perfectly better than the last ones so I just wanted to thank you guys because you’re the only people who make them.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Good quality construction and materials. Compression firmness remains after a couple months of wear. So far it was a good buy.
    Tue, Aug 14, 2018, 8:49 PM

  24. Tiffany Tran (verified owner)

    I really cannot live without these earrings!! They really help with making my keloids stay soft and help me feel less self conscious when I go outside. Ppl actually compliment my earring and how cool they look. They stay put even when I fall asleep with them on. Also, the company is so nice in accommodating you and they ship so fast. I will be buying from you guys forever!!

  25. Nathalie P. (verified owner)

    I love these clip-on earrings! I started wearing them about two years ago, and they’re great. I have very small keloids behind my earlobes, and these clip-ons help to keep them small and hidden. I’ve gotten so many compliments, and people are surprised when I tell them they are clip-ons! The golden ones are my favorite. They stay on for the most part, rarely fall off, and are comfortable. I recommend!

  26. Larissa Bell

    Absolutely love them! They help with my keloid excision scars so much, my scars really have any issue with continually trying to keloid. They stay on really well for me. They are such good quality, don’t tarnish, last a long time, and ship super fast. I can’t wait for this style to be available in different sizes! I’ll be buying them for the rest of my life.

  27. Aaliayah on Dec 14, 2019

    Aaliayah on Dec 14, 2019
    5 out of 5 stars
    So cute!!! It goes with everything and it covers my scarring!

  28. Mailin (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these at the beginning of the month and wanted to wait a little bit to see how I liked them before posting a review. I have to say these are wonderful! They don’t hurt at all and they apply a good even pressure on the ear. I had a small keloid removed from the back of one of my ears last year and I was recommended compression earrings to help aid with the healing process. I had ordered a magnetic pair off a different site before I ordered these, and I have to say these are WAY better. I had a horrible reaction to the magnetic earring and was able to wear them for a day (the end of which resulted in what looked like a chemical burn on my ear). I’ve never had a reaction to magnetic earrings before so I was really surprised but with these earrings there is no need to worry.

  29. Sophia (verified owner)

    I love them so far!! Hopefully they help make my keloid smaller!

  30. Seaven (verified owner)

    Item arrived SUPER quick, very well packaged. So far it is covering my keloid perfectly. I love that it sits flush to my ear. I won’t have any trouble sleeping!!!

  31. Nazli

    I ordered them in Egypt. I had no idea if they would arrive since its a loooong trip. But I just received them today!! I’m so happy. And the quality is really good.

  32. Mohammad Alam (verified owner)

    Love them! Very sturdy, very pretty, and they do a wonderful job applying pressure on my keloids! They fit comfortably around my ear, and apply the perfect amount of pressure! It came with an extra surprise too! Overall, I’m very satisfied! I would definetely recommend!!!

  33. Anitra

    Hello I had keloid removal service on the 16th of July. I was told by my doctor to get some pressure earrings. I found your site online. I ordered and received my order in about 5 days. It shipped same day and arrived quickly. I love them

    Thank you

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