Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops Unique Design

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Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops – Unique Design Pierceless Ear Clip Hand Forged Gold or Silver Wire by Earlums

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  • Combining a fully adjustable ear cuff wrap earring with the multiple ear piercing illusion
  • Bilateral, could be worn on Left or Right Ear. Fashionable, Glamorous and comfortable if adjusted properly.
  • Cartilage Ear Cuff Jewelry made with Tarnish Resistant silver wire. Great conversation piece. Each piece is designed for that one-of-a-kind look.
  • Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops is usually sold and worn as single, if you’d like a pair, please order 2. When you purchase two, please be aware, that they are individually handcrafted, and minor, unnoticeable differences between the two will be present. That’s why, every single piece we make, is an original one of a kind piece.

Gold or Silver Twisted Wire 6 hoops Ear Cuff!   No piercings needed!  Unique, unusual, beautiful, and different.

Hand forged (hammered) six hoops ear cuff, handmade by Earlums with your choice of  14/20 Gold Filled or Sterling Silver Twisted wire. Light weight and comfortable,  these ear cuffs are nice addition to your  ear jewelry, at a reasonable price. It will make a special gift for you, or that special person in your life. Some ear cuffs may be more comfortable than others.

Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops,wraps around the edge of the ear cartilage and rest just above the earlobe. Since they do not pierce or penetrate the body, there is less concern about allergic reactions.

Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops, should fit the average ear. Most people are able to find a spot on their ears that is comfortable and easy to place! To test the fit, try it on and pull it sideways. If the fit is poor, adjustment may be made by squeezing the gap closer, or widening it, slightly… That is enough to change the fit.  A good fit will not pinch, hurt or slip off easily.

Enjoy all the compliments you’ll receive, wearing our original handmade in USA Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops!

We sell this cuff, on our Etsy store too!

Made in USA with American made 14K GF or Sterling Silver  wire.

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.925 Sterling Silver, 14/20 Gold Filled

1 review for Anza Ear Wrap Cuff 6 Hoops Unique Design

  1. Lola

    “Excellent Etsy Seller and wonderful ear cuff!! Very happy. Will be back! Loved the little gift box it came in. ”
    Etsy Purchase

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