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Colorful Ladybug Ear Clips Handmade in USA by Earlums


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Colorful Ladybug Ear Clips Handmade in USA by Earlum

Clip On ladybug earrings for little ladies with no pierced ear lobes.

 4 colors available to choose: red, yellow, purple and blue … get them all or get your favorite color.

Original design handmade clip-on, finger pressure earrings made with soft non tarnish, permanently colored anodized aluminum wire and permanently attached “crystal like” acrylic ladybug charms. About 8-10 mm diameter on both sides.  The wire used bends enough that you can customize the part that wraps around your ear lobe. Sturdy enough that you should not be concerned with them breaking or falling off easily.  Color might be different on some monitors. 

  • Ladybug Wire Wrapped Clip-on for Keloid Scar Concealment 
  • Beautiful pair of ear clips for the non pierced ear lobes
  • Soft anodized aluminum wire, even diameter on both sides
  • Handmade design, provides uniform pressure over the earlobes without discomfort
  • There is no soldering, no gluing, no screws, clasps or mechanisms to hold them on the ear

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Blue Ladybugs, Yellow Ladybugs, Red Ladybugs, Purple Ladybugs


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