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Crystal Ear Cuff Pick Your Favorite Crystal Colors Light Blue Pink Clear Red Green Brown Yellow Black

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Crystal Ear CuffLight Blue, Pink, Clear, Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black.


Crystal Ear Cuff, Light Blue, Pink, Clear, Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black, Unique gifts for chemo patients 2014-2015

Crystal Ear Cuff  Colorful Crystals Ear Cuff Wraps. Made with Silver or Gold wire and colorful bicone Crystals:  Pick your favorite crystal color.

Add a little touch of flair to your outfit with this crystals ear cuff wrap, uniquely made with your choice of wire and crystals.
All our handmade ear cuffs don’t require any ear piercing. Bilateral, could be worn on either ear. They wrap around the edge of the ear cartilage and rest just above the earlobe. Since they do not pierce or penetrate the body, there is less concern about allergic reactions.
Our  Crystal Ear Cuff, should fit the average ear. To test the fit, try it on and pull it sideways. If the fit is poor, adjustment may be made by squeezing the gap closer, or widening it, slightly.. That is enough to change the fit. A good fit will not pinch, hurt or slip off easily. (see our video)

This cute Crystal Ear Cuff gives you the look of multiple piercings without the pain and upkeep of a real piercing! Perfect for any day, the ends of this ear cuff are rounded off in order to give you a comfortable wear all day long!

Lots of color choices!:):) Light Blue, Pink, Clear, Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Black.

Please, keep in mind that every ear cuff wrap, will fit slightly differently and every ear anatomy is different. Some ear cuffs may be more comfortable than others.
Most people are able to find a spot on their ears that is comfortable and easy to place!  Usually worn as singles , if you like a pair please, order 2.

We sell this Crystal Ear Cuff (blue crystals only) on You’re welcome to read the reviews.
Patented design, each Earlum is handcrafted in the USA, with passion and uniqueness.

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Silver Tone Wire, Golden Tone Wire, .925 Sterling Silver Wire, Gold Filled Wire


Light Blue, Pink, Yellow, Brown, Green, Red, Clear


Before purchasing, please keep in mind, that these items are handmade and they might look a little uneven with minor scuffs and marks due to handcrafting. Handmade jewelry shouldn't be perfect and flawless like it was mass-produced. Each piece that we make is a unique original handcrafted piece, that will bring you lots of attention. They are not made for continuous use, and if you're not familiar with ear wraps/cuffs it might be a little challenging to adjust and wear one. Due to the difference between different monitors, the the actual color of the item might be slightly different.

8 reviews for Crystal Ear Cuff Pick Your Favorite Crystal Colors Light Blue Pink Clear Red Green Brown Yellow Black

  1. Florence Young

    I have sensitive ears and am very used to being disappointed by ear jewelry. When I do wear earrings its usually only for special occasions and for periods no longer than two hours. However, I purchased one earlum to try it out. To my pleasant surprise it exceeded my expectations. It fits in such a way that it will not fall off accidently or by the slightest touch, yet once on, you don’t “feel” it kind of like a necklace you always wear, you’re not aware that your wearing while you’re wearing it. So it’s comfortable, it’s not flimsy and I’ve already gotten inquiries and compliments after having worn it a couple of days. Definitely recommend.

  2. Rose H.

    How do I love these, let me count the ways! Comfortable, beautiful, arrived quickly, attractively packaged, and even a bonus cuff! OUTSTANDING service and product! I will be ordering more and telling all my friends!

  3. Jackie

    Amazon Verified Purchase
    Other cuffs I have tried were uncomfortable/difficult to wear but these (I own two) are light enough to forget and rest stably without hurting my ear. I would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in this type of jewelry.

  4. crystal angelson

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    it is more beautiful than the pic and has a very RICH look …you would be crazy not to buy this! it is more beautiful than the pic and has a very RICH look to it. it does not feel like a toy or look like one. this is a marvelous piece of work and will take your appearance to an extravagant level. buy it! I could not be happier with this piece or the others I got. 10 gold stars! yes I will buy from this seller again.
    Amazon Purchase

  5. Amazed

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    Love It!
    Looks great, fits left or right ear and I get tons of complements. Bonus they sent a single cuff for the opposite ear. Shipping was prompt overall a great product and good service very happy

  6. Diane Priceon

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Five Stars
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    Love these ear cuffs..have ordered over 12 or so in the past 2 years…fun and looks great..

  7. Antonia

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Five Stars
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    Great gift!

  8. Birgitta Coxon

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Five Stars
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    It certainly is a conversation piece.

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