Magnetic Pair 19mm Strong ClipOn Keloid Pressure Earrings


**Please, read the entire description, disclaimer and safety warnings before you purchase and use magnetic earrings!!!***

Contains Nickel!

If you have nickel allergies, Magnetic Pressure Earrings are not an option for you!

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Magnetic Pair 19mm Strong ClipOn Keloid Pressure Earrings

Magnetic Pair 19mm Strong ClipOn Keloid Pressure EarringsMagnetic Pair 19mm Strong ClipOn Keloid Pressure Earrings with permanently glued, acrylic rhinestone embellishment center piece.

The backing magnetic disc in the photo is 19 x 2mm and the top magnetic disc with the embellishment is 19 x 1mm.

Nine colors to choose from: Clear, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, Peach, Hot Pink, Green, Purple and White Faux-Pearl

The  magnets, are very strong and they might feel uncomfortable due to the strong pressure.

Discontinue, or reduce the hours and duration of daily wear, if uncomfortable.

Many people have been battling with ear keloid problems for years.

Magnetic Pair 19mm Strong Clip-On Keloid Pressure Earrings

Surgery and post operative devices/earrings usually help keeping the keloids under control.

For many people wearing the doctor-dermatologist recommended devices, was an embarrassing time. Not anymore!
Now we can customize our Magnetic Pressure Pair of Earrings  making them a little more attractive, strong and comfortable.

If you have nickel allergies, Magnetic Pressure Earrings are not an option for you!


They contain a lot iron and other metals: samarium, cobalt, nickel, neodymium, dysprosium. All metal comes from the ground.
This magnets are formed by powder metallurgical methods.  Their mechanical properties more closely resemble a CERAMIC, rather than a metal.
They are hard and brittle and may chip or break if dropped. Despite the metallic appearance of their nickel plating, they are not strong as steel.
If subjected to sharp impacts, such as allowing them to slam into one another, they can easily crack or break.  Care and proper handling are important.

 Important Safety Warnings!

Disclaimer:, neither assume nor accept any liability for damages resulting from the handling or use of our magnetic earrings.

With your purchase, the buyer confirms that you have read, agreed and understood the following safety warnings.

The buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the magnets, which include personal injuries, property damages and magnet damages.

Handling them with care is necessary to prevent personal injuries, property damages and magnet damages.


Children should not be allowed to handle magnetic jewelry as they can be dangerous. Small magnets pose a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into any part of the body.


They contain nickel!! The magnets used in our earrings, can affect and/or damage items such as cathode ray tube television and computer monitors, credit cards, bank cards, computer disk drives, diskettes, video tape and other magnetic data carriers and storage devices along with mechanical watches, hearing aids, loud speakers and some electronics.

Pace-makers may be damaged or switch to “Test Mode” in the presence of a strong magnetic force, if a pace-maker is in use, keep a minimum of 3 feet distance.


Content on this listing is for reference purposes and is not intended to substitute for advice given by a physician, pharmacist, or other licensed health-care professional. Fit and comfort will vary depending on ear lobe size, shape, wear, and dexterity on placing them on. Not suitable for children.

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Embellishment Color:

Clear, Purple, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Light Blue, Peach, Green, Yellow, White Faux Pearl


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