Pink Multiple Piercings Earrings



Pink Multiple Piercings Earrings Chained Studs Dangle Earring Set

Pink Multiple Piercings Earrings, double piercings, triple piercings, helix piercings ,multiple piercings earrings Have multiple cartilage piercings? Then, this Pink Multiple Piercings Earrings set is the perfect accessory for you! Use this set for your double, triple, top of ear, helix, cartilage piercing or multiple ear piercings. This year is all about having fun and living every moment to the fullest! Why not always feel cute and look your best by accessorizing with cute new ear jewelry. This set is perfect for women of all ages! It’s beautiful and classy, yet sexy and mysterious! Can be worn with one or two earrings! If you would like to purchase more studs earrings to match this set, please click here.
You will receive one double stud chained  earring and 2 singles as seen in the photos. The Pink Multiple Piercings Earring set  is made for two or three lower earlobe piercings and 1 upper cartilage Helix piercing. Mix and match to what feels and looks good to you. 4mm ball post studs, chain and jump rings are silver plated brass, lead nickel and cadmium free. The dangle charms are pink color 8mm acrylic beads with rose flower pattern. The set comes with  comfortable clear rubber backings.
Made in USA by Earlums with imported and domestic findings. pink-multiple-piercings-earrings

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