Rossi Helix Ear Cuff

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helix ear cuffRossi Helix Ear Cuff

No piercings needed! One extra small bilateral hollow Helix Ear cuff, made with .925 Sterling Silver.

Wear one or two, and see how many compliments you’ll get. Light weight and comfortable, this ear cuff is an exquisite piece of jewelry, at a reasonable price. They are not made for continuous use, and if you’re not familiar with ear cuffs, it might be a little challenging to adjust and wear one.

Add a little touch of flair to your outfit with one of these ear cuff wrap, uniquely made with Sterling Silver Wire. All our ear cuffs, don’t require any ear piercing. Bilateral, could be worn on either ear. They wrap around the edge of the  top ear cartilage, as pictured.  Since they do not pierce or penetrate the body, there is less concern about allergic reactions. It will make a special gift for you, or that special person in your life. There is a new fashion trend, that will have this Helix Ear Cuff classified as an awesome accessory. This ear cuff  has a modern design to dress up casual or add a little glamor to a night out.
It will arrive in a ready-to-give, gift box.
Fashionable, classic & trendy.
Usually worn as singles,  if you would like a pair, please order 2.
IMPORTED sold by Earlums

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Silver Plated, Gold Plated, .925 Sterling Silver, 14K GF(Gold Filled)

2 reviews for Rossi Helix Ear Cuff

  1. Valerie Dour (verified owner)

    the best price for a sterling silver cuff. Looks and feels really nice.

  2. Rosie A.(verified owner)

    Its really small. Only fits the edge of the cartilage. Still a great buy. Thank you!

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