Illusion Earrings, Illusion of Multiple Piercings Earrings – Alternative Pierceless Ear Jewelry – No Piercings needed Ear Clips!

Illusion Earrings  Alternative Ear Jewelry

No Piercings needed!

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Piercings are becoming more and more popular these days. For many of you, who are looking for alternatives to real piercings, you need to check us out.

Illusion Earrings, Cuffs, Wraps, Clips, handmade in USA by Earlums.

Here they areSHOP NOW!

You might be scared of the commitment and pain of a real piercing.

Maybe, your workplace doesn’t allow visible piercings. Or, you are too young to get piercings without permission from your parents.

Or maybe you just want to see what you would look like, with a particular piercing.

In any case, we are offering many options of pierceless jewelry that you can have!
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Use a flexible metal ring with an opening that you can slip onto many different body parts including your nostril, earlobe, cartilage, septum, lip, belly button, nipple and more!

You can find rings that come in many colors and styles, some including two or three rings attached together.

Some even have a bead or a ball that slides around the ring, making it appear to be a BCR (bead captive ring).

These are an easy way to create the look of a real piercing without the pain. Can be worn on the nostrils, earlobes, cartilage, lip, labret, tongue, monroe area, belly button, among others.
You will want to be careful using removable, pierceless jewelry in and around your mouth and nose, because you may accidentally inhale or swallow the jewelry.


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