Cage Ear Cuff-Helix Four – Cartilage Non Pierced Ear Cuff

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No piercings needed! Made to be worn on the upper ear cartilage.

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Cage Ear Cuff – Helix Four – Cartilage Ear cuff

Cage Ear Cuff,ear cuff, ear cuffs, silver, ear jewelry, unique ear cuffs,earlums, Made in USA, Crystals,Made to be worn on the upper ear cartilage. Wire used for this Cage Ear Cuff looks like separate bands going through your ear, giving the impression of multiple piercings.

It can be worn closer to the forward helix or further back as well. Just think of the attention you’ll get!

Great ear cuff for everyday, lightweight, easy to adjust and comfortable.

No piercing is required for this wire ear cuff.

Made to order with your choice of wire.
The perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

Sold and worn as single, if you’d like a pair, please order 2.
This Cage Ear Cuff Wrap is a simple, unique styling and flexible ear cuff, clip on earring, measures approx. 0.5 inch length x .25inch width x .5 inch high.
Bilateral, could be worn on Left or Right Ear.
Fashionable, Glamorous and comfortable.

Wraps around the edge of the ear cartilage and rest just above the earlobe.

There is no soldering, no gluing, and no welding on our Cage Ear Cuff. Each piece is wire wrapped by hand and designed for that one-of-a-kind look. Get one for yourself, or for someone you care!

They are not made for continuous use, and if you’re not familiar with ear cuffs it might be a little challenging to adjust and wear one.

Since they do not pierce or penetrate the body, there is less concern about allergic reactions.
Enjoy all the compliments you’ll get wearing this simple, cute, and inexpensive ear cuff.

Thank you for visiting our Earlums store.

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Silver Tone Wire, Golden Tone Wire, Sterling Silver Wire, Gold Filled Wire

6 reviews for Cage Ear Cuff-Helix Four – Cartilage Non Pierced Ear Cuff

  1. Elle228

    Great cuff for the price!- Helix Four – Cartilage Helix Ear Cuff 4 Hoops-
    Great cuff for the price! Sent very quickly too! Definitely will buy again if this one breaks or I lose it
    “Amazon Purchase”

  2. Tasha Thomas

    This review – Helix Four – Cartilage Helix Ear Cuff 4 Hoops-
    Did not appreciate the fact that it falls off so easily. I pretty much lost it the first day I wore it. Waste of Moneyyy.
    “Amazon Purchase”

  3. BlackWhite

    Adjustable,- Helix Four – Cartilage Helix Ear Cuff 4 Hoops-
    I needed mine small so it wouldn’t fall out of my ear but even with the size you can bend it a bit so it stays.
    While I don’t recommend bending it too much for the metal probably wont be able to take much of it, its overall very nice 🙂
    “Amazon Purchase”

  4. La Jara, CO, United States

    -Helix Four – Cartilage Helix Ear Cuff 4 Hoops_
    This seems to be made out of good material. It is very comfortable. However, it gets 4 stars instead of 5 because it doesn’t like to stay in place. It slides up or down my ear, and it came completely off at one point without me realizing it. I found it a couple of days later under a shirt on my floor where it had gotten bent. I tried reshaping it but its not quite the same 🙁
    “Amazon Purchase”

  5. Morgan Pullom on Sep 7, 2018

  6. Larissa Bell (verified owner)

    Love it! It fits well and looks so cute. The silver wire is also nice and bright looking. It’s such a good price for the quality and a great option if you’re someone who can’t get piercings or just isn’t pierced.

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