Plain Ear Cuffs

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  Plain Ear Cuffs

Plain Ear Cuffs,Jewelry, plain ear cuff, ear cuffs, silver ear cuff, black ear cuff, gold ear cuff, non pierced, pierceless, fake piercings, clipons, earring cuff, bundle set, earlums, band ear cuffSold in pairs or as a bundle! Choose your favorite color or get them all.
No piercings needed!

Add a little touch of flair to your outfit with this simple nice lightweight plain ear cuffs.
Sold in pairs. Gold, Silver or Black Tone. Boxed and ready for gifting.

Our Plain Ear Cuffs are cute, plain and simple ear adornments for you or someone you love.They have a small 1mm hole in the center that can be used for a charm or chain attachment.  Get a pair in your favorite color, or go crazy and get all 3, one pair golden, one pair silver tone and one pair black. Bilateral, could be worn on either ear. They wrap around the edge of the ear cartilage and rest just above the earlobe. Since they do not pierce or penetrate the body, there is less concern about allergic reactions.

Made of brass, lead and cadmium free,  about 9.5mm in diameter, 6mm wide, 0.5mm thick. Our plain ear cuffs are soft and easily bendable/adjustable for the perfect fit.
This plain ear cuff pair, should fit most average ears. To test the fit, try it on and pull it sideways. If the fit is poor, adjustment may be made by squeezing the gap closer, or widening it, slightly by pulling the ends.. That is enough to change the fit. A good fit will not pinch, hurt or slip off easily.  Please, keep in mind that every ear cuff, will fit slightly differently and every ear anatomy is different. Some ear cuffs may be more comfortable than others. 
Most people are able to find a spot on their ears that is comfortable and easy to place! Hopefully you’ll find yours.. Enjoy the compliments!

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Golden tone-one pair, Silver Tone-one pair, Black-one pair, All 3 colors-3 pairs(golden,silver and black)

6 reviews for Plain Ear Cuffs

  1. Jessica Koteles

    Wow. I am blown away with how fast I got this and not only did I get it for so cheap I original thought I was buying it individually so I thought it was amazing it was a set. NOT ONLY THAT, you guys went out of your way to give me another set for free and a coupon, You guys are awesome. I’m definitely going to let everyone who cosplays to get their cuffs from you guys!!! Thanks so much for making my day, you’re awesome!

  2. Josue Sandoval

    Shipped and arrived quickly. Look amazing. Thanks.

  3. Kevin Manalo

    Fantastic fit and very comfortable, as if they’re not even there.

  4. Liz

    they shipped very quickly, and were packaged nicely for easy storage. they fit perfectly and are adjustable as they say on their page. they’re exactly as described and are exactly what i was looking for. thank you!

  5. amytran57

    I received one cuff for free with my pair of magnetic pressure earrings, and I have to say that it fits perfectly on my cartilage! Very very comfortable and simple!
    (Verified EarLums buyer)

  6. justinhill2017 (verified owner)

    There everything I expected them to be. There awesome! Takes some time to figure out how tight to put them but there just amazing after that.

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