Balo Ear Cuff Wrap


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Balo Ear Cuff Wrap

Handmade  with silver or golden tone wire, black crystals, black pearls and sparkly Rhinestones.
No piercings needed!

 Balo Ear Cuff Wrap, ear cuff ear wrap, earlumsLight weight and comfortable, this ear cuff is an exquisite piece of jewelry, bilateral, can be worn on either ear.

There is a new fashion trend, that will have this piece classified as an awesome accessory.

Makes a wonderful buy and or, a beautiful gift. Showy in a bold and pretty way, it’ll give you an elegant and stunning look.

Whoever you buy this for, be it yourself, or another, you’re in for a love affair with Balo Ear Cuff Wrap. Usually worn as singles , if you like a pair please, order 2.

Due to the difference between monitors, the the actual color of the item might look slightly different.

Patented design, each Earlum is handcrafted in the USA, with passion and uniqueness.

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Silver Tone Wire, Golden Tone Wire, .925 Sterling Silver, 14K GF(Gold Filled)


Each piece that we make is a unique original handcrafted piece, that will bring you lots of attention. They are not made for continuous use, and if you're not familiar with ear wraps/cuffs it might be a little challenging to adjust and wear one. Due to the difference between different monitors, the the actual color of the item might be slightly different.


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